Middle School Students Put the Core Four Food Safety Practices to Action


When the kids at TCA Middle School get cooking, you can be sure they’re doing it safely thanks to BAC Fighter Tara Mateo.

Tara recently hosted a cooking lab where students learned all about the four core food safety practices. The students learned about the practices, took a quiz, then put all of their new knowledge to action cooking in a real kitchen. They kids were graded on their safety and sanitation procedures throughout the lab.

Looks like they’re doing a great job – way to go TCA Middle School!

Hy-Vee Shoppers “Caught” in the Act of Health

HyVee_1Members of the McLean County Health Department’s employee-comprised marketing committee are serious about raising awareness around public health. The committee publicly launched a summer program in their hometown of Bloomington, Illinois, focused on publicaly recognizing the individual choices people make every day that, taken together, create a positive effect on health.

The first of these “pop-up” events as they called them, was held on May 21, 2015 at the Bloomington Hy-Vee grocery store.

Lisa Slater, Public Health Communications Specialist, chairs the marketing committee and explained the event this way,

“We wanted to get out into the community and shine a light on individuals who are making good decisions everyday when it comes to their health and the health of their families.” 

At the Hy-Vee pop-up, Lisa’s team surprised shoppers they saw taking positive health action — things like putting a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their cart, or using hand sanitizer in the store.  To promote home food safety, team members gave each person they stopped a meat thermometer and the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s, Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures/Safe Cooking Guidelines handout, to promote the importance of using food thermometers when cooking to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Shoppers that were “caught” in the act of doing the right thing for their health also received an “I am Public Health” t-shirt.

Do the right thing for your health — your partners in public health are ready to support you!


Don’t Stand Back, Fight BAC! ®

Here’s a video message from one of your fellow BAC Fighters:

Trasca Mason is an Environmental Health Specialist from McDonough, Georgia. She reaches about 6,700 people a year with food safety messages. Of those 6,700 people, 90% say they will provide more food safety training for children and parents. Trasca stays motivated because she knows her food safety education work saves lives. Excellent work, Trasca. Keep on Fighting BAC! ®


Kroger Co. Southwest Stores Step Up Food Safety Communications


The Partnership for Food Safety Education worked with contributing partner Kroger to create a week- by- week Food Safety Education Month outreach plan.  We thank every participating Kroger Co. store for connecting with customers on this important topic!

Kroger’s 220 Southwest stores were excited to participate in National Food Safety Education Month Activities! Here is just a sampling of what they did to help make sure consumers took home food safety messages:


  • Fight BAC!® messages were integrated with selling strategies around products like hand soap and hand sanitizer.
  • Store managers were challenged through a contest to create in-store displays. The prizes?  Houston Texan and Texas State Fair tickets.
  • Kroger corporate provided all Southwest Kroger store merchandising teams with materials and tips in daily merchandising updates.
  • Store managers coached their store teams on Fight BAC!® food safety practices so they were prepared to answer customer questions.

Customers were happy to learn something extra about food safety when they came in to do their shopping. Thank you Kroger Co. Southwest for all of these great efforts! 




Kroger Nashville Store Managers Compete for Best Food Safety Booth


The Partnership for Food Safety Education worked with contributing partner Kroger to create a week- by- week Food Safety Education Month outreach plan.  We thank every participating Kroger Co. store for connecting with customers on this important topic!

Shana Davis, Food Safety Manager for Kroger’s Nashville division caught up with us to talk about how she encouraged a little healthy competition among store managers to boost food safety education month customer engagement in their 89 Nashville area stores.


Each store was instructed to set up a food safety booth in-store and stock it with the Partnership’s s Home Food Safety Mythbusters flyers.  Store co-managers were on location to engage with customers and answer questions based on the Mythbusters information.  To encourage managers to engage, Shana set up a “best-booth” competition. The districts shared their booth pictures on the private social networking site, Yammer, for a chance to win a prize.

What amazing food safety education work from Nashville!  Thank you Shana! Shana didn’t stop there! She traveled around to stores in her division doing food safety Q&A sessions with customers. Some lucky customers were even given refrigerator and food thermometers!