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Curriculum for Kids

Our curriculum area offers you, the educator, a wide range of educational material for children of all ages - day care through High School. Our K-3 program introduces young children to the important steps of food safety, such as hand washing, in an easy to understand format that keeps their attention. We have added a supplement to this program for day care as well. The 4-6 and high school programs engage kids in science experiments that help them understand the importance of food safety. If you use our materials in your classroom, we would like to hear from you. Note that these documents are in PDF format.

Grades K-3
Information about the Partnership for Food Safety Education's (PFSE) FightBAC! education program for children in grades K-3 from planning to use the program to presenting the program to the story of BAC.

Grades 4-8
Your game plan for food safety - experiments, games and activities to teach children in grades 4-8 to FightBAC!

Grades 9-12
Directs BAC fighters to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety program for high school students.

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