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Bean Bag Toss Game

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How To Make A Fight BAC!® Bean Bag Toss Game Compliments of San Diego Department of Environmental Health

Materials needed:

  • White PVC foam board with dimensions of 24" by 36" (¼" or ½" thick).
  • Fight Bac poster with dimensions of 27" x 19"
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided mounting tape
  • Green fabric for beanbags
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Rice to fill the beanbags
  • Funnel

Steps For Game Board:

  1. Obtain white PVC foam board at plastics manufacturer
  2. Have the manufacturer cut one 6" hole in the center of the board
  3. Laminate the Fight Bac poster in plastic sleeve (this service is offered by most office supply stores for a small fee)
  4. Trim edges of poster to remove excess plastic laminate
  5. Cut a hole in the poster on the inside of the red circle
  6. Take care to keep the cut out piece intact when cutting the hole
  7. Save the cut out of the inside of circle with BAC on it
  8. Mount the laminated poster on board with double-sided tape around the circular cut out in the center of the board
  9. Mount the inside of the circle with BAC on it to a sturdy piece of cardboard with double-sided tape
  10. Line up the flap with BAC on it behind the board so that it resembles the original alignment
  11. Attach only the top of the flap to the back of the board using heavy-duty duct tape to act as a hinge

Steps for Bean Bags:

  1. Cut green material into eight square pieces of equal size
  2. Match two pieces of material up edge to edge
  3. Sew the two pieces together into a square with the seam ¼" inch inside the edge leaving a small opening in one seam in order to fill the bag with rice
  4. Repeat seps 13 and 14 to make a total of four bean bags
  5. Use a funnel inserted into the opening in the seam to fill each bean bag ¾" full with rice
  6. Sew the opening of each beanbag closed

You are now have a game board and four square bean bags and are ready to Fight BAC!® Prop the game board up against a sturdy vertical surface.

You may want to tape the base of the game board to the floor for additional stability. Establish a throw line for the players to stand behind. Challenge the players to toss the beanbags through the hole at BAC.




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