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Perfect Picnic

"The Perfect Picnic app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a cute and immersive game that emphasizes just how important it is to offer up safe and clean food supplies and tools." 

- Tonya Medeiros, App Picker, 23 Jan 2014

Get it today and share it with the kids in your life or community! It's available for free download in the App Store or iTunes.      

Help us reach 250,000 kids in the year ahead with Perfect Picnic. Take the Perfect Picnic Pledge today and commit to sharing Perfect Picnic with the children in your life and in your community.                                                                                                            




Build the most awesome picnic park in town by making sure your visitors have a happy and healthy time. Buy a park lot and stock it with the supplies necessary for a  delicious and safe cookout. Maintain, upgrade, and clean your park to keep visitors coming back for more.

But be careful, nothing spoils a perfect picnic like harmful bacteria given safe haven on dirty hands, in food left sitting out, and in undercooked meat! Your entire park operations will go off-track if you don't help visitors put basic food safety into practice at the park! 


Explore the Game Guide for tips before you start! And don't forget to write a review once you've played!

Looking for a way to use Perfect Picnic with your classroom or community youth group? Check out the accompanying Fight BAC! ® at Picnic Park and our Perfect Picnic story, Anna's Perfect Picnic

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is on a mission to engage kids in learning about preventing foodborne illness by playing Perfect Picnic. Help us reach 250,000 kids in the year ahead. Together, we can achieve a food safe America by strengthening the food safety future of our children. Take the Perfect Picnic Pledge today and commit to sharing Perfect Picnic with the children in your life and in your community. 




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