A Full Year of Food Safety


New Jersey Calendar Contest Reaches Students and Food Handlers

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Jeanne Garbarino and her fellow BAC Fighters from New Jersey’s Vineland Food Safety Council and the Vineland Health Department are passionate about keeping their city food safe. Last fall, they launched the 2014 food safety calendar contest to make sure students and retail food establishments receive an annual supply of food safety tips.

The BAC Fighters invited 1st – 12thgrade students to design posters about the importance of food safety. Each grade level was given a different category to focus on:

  •     Grades 1-5: The importance of hand washing when handling food.
  •     Grade 6: Minimum cooking temperature requirements for different foods.
  •     Grade 7: Temperature requirements for holding food safely.
  •     Grade 8: Cooling foods safely.
  •     Grades 9-12: Foodborne pathogens and illnesses.

The Food Safety Council and Health Department chose 12 winning posters (one from each grade level) for printing in the final 2014 calendar. Once printed, they sent the calendar to more than 400 food establishments in the city where they will be viewed by food handlers on a daily basis!

This contest is a unique way to teach Vineland students and food handlers valuable food safety information. Great work fighting BAC®, Vineland, New Jersey!