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Author: Mindy Costello, NSF International

NSF International has been a proud supporter of PFSE and food safety education since 2010. As a public health organization, we educate consumers on the importance of hand washing and proper cooking and cleaning. Through our germ studies where volunteers swabbed multiple types of surfaces, we have found some of the germiest items in the home, at school, in the kitchen and in college housing. By sharing our research, BAC Fighters can utilize science-based data to create fact sheets, infographics and more for their communities.

Keeping our families and friends safer when we prepare food is a top priority. NSF International’s food safety tips on storage, cooking and cleaning can help you with those tasks. Our scientists and researchers have gathered information on organic, non-GMO, raised without antibiotics and gluten-free lifestyle choices that can help you when looking for these products.

Mindy CostelloWe provide auditing and certification as well as other services throughout the supply chain. NSF works with farmers to help them with national food safety standards, comply with government regulations and provide safer food at the grower level. Our technical team helps food manufacturers protect their products from unintentional environmental contamination. We provide food safety and quality programs with supply chain assurance, a store-level compliance program and certification for food equipment.

Whether you seek new cookware, are replacing your countertop or buying a new dishwasher, NSF International certification provides assurance that these products meet similar standards as those used in the finest commercial kitchens.

Working with the Partnership allows collaboration with organizations with the same purpose. NSF International’s mission to protect and improve human health is important to this process. We value the BAC Fighters and the Partnership for Food Safety Education as a resource and platform to foster these relationships.


PMA is Proud of Being a Founding Partner of Fight BAC since 1997

We had the chance to sit down with Kathy Means, VP of Consumer Demand and Creation at the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and current Chairman of the PFSE Board of Directors to discuss why PMA values consumer food safety education and the importance of produce handling. Watch the video below to hear all about it!

FMI Explains Why Consumer Food Safety Education is Important to Them

Recently, we interviewed Hilary Thesmar, Senior Vice President of Food Safety Programs from the Food Marketing Institute to learn what it means to them to support families across the nation with safe food handling messages. Watch below to hear why they’ve been serving as leaders in consumer food safety education since 1997.