Harrisburg University of Science & Technology Promotes Food Safety

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Dr. Rene Massengale and her team from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology promoted food safety at the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm show in January 2011.  Dr. Massengale is a food and water quality scientist.  Her research focuses on the topics of food safety and quality.

This was the Harrisburg team’s first time presenting at this very busy event; the Farm Show tends to attract over half-a-million people each year and is one of the nation’s largest indoor agriculture events.

The Harrisburg University team’s engaging and fun exhibit featured a mock kitchen with real cabinet doors and a counter top. The Partnership for Food Safety Education’s Mythbusters food safety myths were displayed on the front of the cabinet doors; the answers were revealed on the inside of the doors.  They also included the Mythbusters Quiz Game in their display.


Fight BAC! In Assisted Living Communities

carer helps her elderly pactient by making sure she eats her a meal

Lucy Dobson, a BAC! Fighter from Maryland, trains assisted living staffers on various practices that would improve conditions for the elderly, including proper food handling practices. Lucy feels that the senior population is underserved and is the population most vulnerable to foodborne illness.  Fight BAC! materials are essential to her training demonstrations.  Lucy’s trainees are often shocked to learn that meat and poultry should not be washed before cooking!  Lucy is a dedicated BAC! Fighter with an altruistic streak – she often drops off her extra Fight BAC! materials at her local YMCA to spread the word about safe food handling.

The Partnership commends Lucy’s efforts and true dedication to reducing foodborne illness, especially in such a vulnerable community!


Safe Kids Day

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Dr. Beth Canfield-Simbro Teaches Food Safety to Kids and Parents

Dr. Beth Canfield-Simbro, an Associate Professor of Public Health & Health Education at the University of Mount Union, used Fight BAC!® materials at Safe Kids Day. The University partnered with the Stark County, Ohio Health Department and many other community organizations to host this family event, aimed at providing safety tips of all kinds. Over 170 children attended this years’ fair. Beth taught food safety to kids and their parents using an interactive display with small refrigerator and a bunch of plastic foods. Children loved guessing which foods had to go in the fridge, and which could stay out safely. Beth also gave away cooking temperature magnets to help families Fight BAC at home after Safe Kids Day was over.

Teaching Food Safety in the Classroom



“Raise your hand if you have leftovers in your fridge” says Tracy Ajello, a 5th grade teacher at Doolittle School in Cheshire, Connecticut. Hands shoot up in the air. Tracy often starts her lessons with a question to help her students make the connection between her food safety lessons and life at home. At school cookouts, Tracy shows children how to properly use a food thermometer – most have never seen a food thermometer and are quick to tattle-tail on their parents.

A veteran BAC! Fighter, Tracy was an author of some of the original Fight BAC!® experiments, activities, and assessments. She was also one of the two teacher authors to present the new Fight BAC!® program for the first time at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference. Tracy still uses Fight BAC!® materials because she believes it to be important to teach children about healthy living, and, too often, food safety is overlooked. Tracy finds such great joy out of seeing her experiments, activities, and assessments still being used.


Jazmin Nuno of the San Ysidro Health Center

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Cooking for a Healthy Lifestyle Program Teaches Food Safety to Adults

Jazmin Nuno is a Health Educator for the Cooking for a Healthy Lifestyle Program at San Ysidro Health Center in San Diego, California. The San Ysidro Health Center (SYHC) is a non-profit community health center, dedicated and committed to improving the health and well-being of underserved communities In the Central and South Region of San Diego. Jazmin oversees the cooking class program, which promotes food safety and encourages healthy eating habits in adults. The first class is dedicated to preventing foodborne illness. She loves using the Fight BAC!® produce brochure because it’s very easy for her students to understand and use at home. She also teaches the correct temperatures and food thermometer use in her two classes per week, which have 4-7 adults in them.