Food Safety is a Shared Responsibility


Shelley Feist, Executive Director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education

Note: Cross-posted from the IFIC Foundation’s Nutrition Blog. Food safety is a shared responsibility across the food supply. This Food Safety Education Month, the IFIC Foundation is featuring guest blog posts from the various entities that work to keep our food supply safe—ConsumersFarmers/Producers,Retailers/Food Service and the Government.
An estimated 190 million Americans own a car and I’m one of them. A car is a great thing – but it can also be a dangerous thing if it is handled incorrectly.
I don’t keep my car running on my own. When I bought it more than ten years ago I tried to make an informed choice – to make sure the car offered what I was looking for, and that the manufacturer was delivering a good quality product. I couldn’t be 100% sure I was getting this.  I could only hope and trust that was the case.
I rely on the petroleum industry to make sure I can get gas for my car – quality fuel that will run my car and not damage it. I also rely on one or more trained people to help keep my car running safely and well. They fix things that if not maintained might just get worse and lead to a total breakdown of the car.