Harrisburg University of Science & Technology Promotes Food Safety


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Dr. Rene Massengale and her team from Harrisburg University of Science & Technology promoted food safety at the 2011 Pennsylvania Farm show in January 2011.  Dr. Massengale is a food and water quality scientist.  Her research focuses on the topics of food safety and quality.

This was the Harrisburg team’s first time presenting at this very busy event; the Farm Show tends to attract over half-a-million people each year and is one of the nation’s largest indoor agriculture events.

The Harrisburg University team’s engaging and fun exhibit featured a mock kitchen with real cabinet doors and a counter top. The Partnership for Food Safety Education’s Mythbusters food safety myths were displayed on the front of the cabinet doors; the answers were revealed on the inside of the doors.  They also included the Mythbusters Quiz Game in their display.