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Welcome to the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s Fight BAC!® for Kids section where you can find kids’ food safety information. The Partnership, a non-profit organization, is committed to being a key resource for parents and educators with programming, ideas and fun activities for kids that teach them about the basics of safe food handling.  This page provides links to kids’ food safety curricula for all ages – from pre-K through high school – community activities, as well as links to download the new Perfect Picnic iPhone game for kids.

We encourage health and science educators to join our E-card list to be the first to learn about new materials and activities.

We hope you will share stories about how you use Fight BAC!® material for kids’ food safety. Please submit your story to We hope you find this site helpful, informative and visit it often!

Young Children/Child Care Training 

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Curricula and Programs

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Kids Games and Activities

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School Lunches

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