PFSE Testimonial – Joseph Corby; Executive Director; AFDO

joe corby 2As a state food safety regulatory official, I spent much of my working career investigating foodborne illnesses, conducting food safety inspections in all kinds of food establishments, and supervising the removal and destruction of contaminated, unsafe food and food products. Careers in food protection can be very rewarding as it provides to us a sense of helping others through public health intervention practices. It can also have a darker side – one that places us alongside the victims of foodborne illness and their families that endure the burden of senseless illness and deaths caused by unsafe food.

It was actually after one of these episodes that I began to fully understand the importance of all food safety stakeholders working together to assure our food supply is safe. Illness prevention and intervention is a team effort because consumer protection exists everywhere food will be handled from the time it is grown and produced to the time it is consumed. Government and industry clearly recognize the critical importance of all stakeholders being involved.

The collaboration within the Partnership for Food Safety Education [PFSE] is a perfect example of stakeholders working together. PFSE has greatly helped AFDO and the state and local regulatory community we represent by helping us to promote uniform and accurate food safety messages to consumers.

Since foodborne illness can be serious, it is important that consumers know and practice safe food handling behaviors in the home that can help reduce their risk of accidentally getting sick from contaminated food.

AFDO is proud to be a supporting member of the Partnership as we continue to pursue a fully integrated food safety system built on the collective strengths and abilities of all stakeholders.