PFSE Testimonial – Judy Harrison

judy harrisonAs a food safety educator, I know how difficult it is to find scientifically accurate sources of information that consumers trust.  There are so many “food safety experts” out there that consumers and even educators question where to go for credible resources.  There is so much information available on the Internet – from TV chefs who never wash their hands to mommy bloggers who have all the answers from their grandmothers – everyone offers techniques, opinions and how-to advice.  Just because a person likes to cook does not make them a reliable source for up-to-date food safety information! 

This is why consumer advice that is based in science is so important.  It is why the Partnership  for Food Safety Education’s work to collate research, to bring scientists together to debate consumer advice, and to consult with communications experts to develop concise, actionable food safety messages is crucial.  Because of this strong foundation in peer-reviewed science, consumers and educators can always look to the Partnership for reliable, evidence-based food safety information. 

A network of more than 13,000 food safety educators called “BAC Fighters” rely on the Partnership to keep them informed of the latest and hottest topics in food safety education through webinars, e-cards, the National Consumer Food Safety Education Conference and the stories of other BAC Fighters.  I know how important these resources and The Partnership are because I am a “BAC Fighter!”   The Partnership for Food Safety Education provides an opportunity for all of us to make a difference in the health and lives of others by providing credible, science-based food safety instruction.  I am proud to support The Partnership for Food Safety Education.    

Judy Harrison