Getting Started

Step 1 Download the Hands On curriculum for your state. Step 2 Contact Hands On Classrooms to discuss and schedule your training and implementation dates. Please contact us four weeks or more in advance of your preferred implementation date. 

Training Videos

Hands On – Bacteria Shapes Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce the bacteria shapes encountered in the curriculum.

Hands On –¬†Plate Counting

Now that your plates have been spiked, how do you count the colonies on the plate?

Hands On – RAFT Example

One of the assessments used in the curriculum is a RAFT activity. Find out more in this video.

Hands On – Science Curriculum Lesson 1

Learn how to set up the handwashing lab for the science curriculum.

Hands On – Ordering Supplies

Are you ready to use Hands On? Watch this video for information on how to order free classroom supplies.