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ALERT! More people are preparing food at home right now as they follow social distancing recommendations.

You can make sure families have the safe food handling information that they need to reduce their risk of food poisoning with a personal contribution today. Click here to make a gift.

To make a corporate investment in preventative health information for families, contact Britanny Saunier.

This short video from Fight BAC! corrects misinformation being promoted about the use of detergents, soap and bleach in cleaning fresh fruits and vegetables. 


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Coronavirus & Food Safety

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus – it is not considered to be a foodborne illness by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – but similar actions to prevent foodborne illness can be taken to mitigate coronavirus.

As COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, continues to spread in the United States, we’ve been receiving questions from our partners and educators about our role in prevention.

People desire the facts that put them in control. We can count on you to continue to promote hand hygiene and surface cleaning and disinfecting as fundamentals to good health. Thank you!

Safety Tips for Families

Clean and sanitize surfaces. Pay special attention to touch points like door knobs and drawer pulls.

Do not show up to work when sick or when a family member is sick.

Continue to follow all of the basics of safe food handling at home

Watch a presentation by the CDC – Briefing on COVID-19 and food service. Sponsored by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (March 16, 2020)

Additional Resources from the Partnership for Food Safety Education

Cleaning and Safety Webinars

If you are looking for resources that go more in-depth on the science behind hand hygiene and home surface cleaning, you might want to share these recorded webinars from our 2019 line up: 

  • Image of shaking hands with words “First We Wash Our Hands,” a webinar recorded in October 2019 on Global Handwashing Day with presenters from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Oregon State University Extension.
  • Our two-part “Clean Summit” webinar series:
    • Part 1, Handwashing, Dish Towels and Bathroom Towels, recorded May 2019 with presenters Dr. David Berendes, Epidemiologist, Global WASH Team, Division of Foodborne, Waterborne, and Environmental Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Dr. Akrum Tamimi, Professor of Practice, Department of Biosystems Engineering, The University of Arizona.
    • Part 2, Surface Cleaning & Sanitizing, recorded June 2019 with presenters Mindy Costello, RS, MS, Consumer Informaton, NSF International, Dr. Akrum Tamimi, Professor of Practice, Department of Biosystems Engineering, The University of Arizona, and Dr. Shauna Henley, FCS Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Board Member, Partnership for Food Safety Education.

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