BAC Fighter Ambassadors


Applications Closed!

We are no longer accepting applications for the first cohort of BAC Fighter Ambassadors.

Applications for the second cohort of BAC Fighter Ambassadors will open in the Spring of 2021. Make sure you join our e-list to get updates on Ambassadors and other food safety programs.

For other opportunities to get involved with the Partnership, please reach out to our Community Engagement Manager Katie Weston by email at

Do you love to collaborate with other health and food safety educators?

Are networking and outreach your superpowers?

Then put your powers of connection to work in the first cohort of BAC Fighter Ambassadors!

We’re accepting Ambassador applications until March 20, 2020.

Want more information?

How to become an Ambassador:

If you are passionate about preventing foodborne illness you can apply! We are looking for dietitians, public health educators, cooperative extension agents, primary and secondary educators and anyone that works with food or to prevent foodborne illness.

To apply complete the online application and questionnaire by Friday, March 20, 2020.                                

If selected you will be contacted by the Partnership for Food Safety Education before April 20, 2020, and will be required to attend an initial onboarding conference call.

Ambassador benefits: 

  • Professional development and training
  • Speaking and writing opportunities
  • Recognition as an Ambassador on
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to connect with other Ambassadors and share ideas
  • 3 virtual meetings a year to discuss outreach strategies and share ideas and resources
  • Occupy a position of leadership within the Partnership for Food Safety Education
  • Greater access to the Partnership’s network of BAC Fighters and Partners

What an Ambassador does:

As an Ambassador you will use your unique talents, networks, and skills to build connections between other professionals in your field that work to prevent foodborne illness.

Ambassadors will serve a 2-year term and act as a representative of the Partnership to BAC Fighters in their career field. Ambassadors must attend at least 2 virtual meetings each year and be willing to be contacted by individuals in their area or career field who have questions about Partnership programs and resources.

Ambassadors must also participate in 2 approved activities each year. Some examples of activities are:

  • Host a listening session with other individuals in your area that work to prevent foodborne illness
  • Write and submit a blog post for about an experience with food safety outreach or food safety education needs in your local community
  • Host a table for or represent the Partnership for Food Safety Education at a conference
  • Film and submit a video that shares information or ideas for food safety educators
  • Distribute the Partnership’s food safety educational or promotional materials (brochures, infographics, posters, curriculums, etc.) to other health and food safety professionals
  • Share the Partnership’s content for BAC Fighters twice a month on a social media platform
  • Serve on a committee of the Partnership for Food Safety Education