Kids Games & Activities

BAC Drop Video

BAC_DROP_HEADER How will you keep BAC from spoiling your perfect summer? The BAC Drop activity lets kids Fight BAC® creatively with an easy, fill-in-the -blank story template. As kids fill in the story, they’ll learn food safety basics! 

BAC Blaster Online Game 

Picture4 Ask kids if they can defeat bacteria and then show them how with BAC Blaster. Kids have to clean, separate, cook, and chill using fun tools to keep BAC off of their picnic feasts. BAC’s goal is to contaminate as many picnics as possible this summer. You’re not going to let that happen are you?

Perfect Picnic 

perfect picnic main page link Build the most popular picnic park in town while learning about food safety.     Follow the rules to keep your guests healthy and happy.      

Scrub Club

ScrubClub_logo Scrub Club is a fun, interactive website that teaches children the proper way to wash their hands. Play a game, watch a webisode, or even sing along to the Scrub Club theme song! 

Food Detectives

kid-det Kids, the Food Detectives need your help to fight an enemy…Bacteria! Play the games, listen to the songs and solve the cases to become a Food Detective!


bac_colored_in Take a ride through Safe Food Park on the Food Safety Mobile! 

Food Safety Chain Flyer


Fight BAC Poster 


Coloring Pages 


The Story of Your Dinner Placemats

These kid-friendly placemats are intended to be printed on legal-size paper (8.5″ x 14″) or ledger-size paper (11″ x 17″).