Chef and Food Safety Manager Reaches Kids with Food Safety Messages

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As a Kroger Food Safety Manager for the Atlanta Marketing area, as well as a Corporate Executive Chef, it is my duty to educate the consumer on food safety practices!

I have daily interaction with many customers throughout the Atlanta area. The most common need is basic food safety knowledge at home.

I have filmed segments targeting children in an effort to get them to share the knowledge with their parents and develop good food safe habits.  These segments play on WSB-TV weekly. I have also recorded PSAs that play every 30 minutes in Kroger stores. These play throughout the county in an effort to show how much we at Kroger are focused on our customers as well as food safety!

Listen to the PSAs:

Wash Hands 

Keep raw meat separate 

Meat thermometer 

Chef John Szymanski, CP-FS, CEC, CCA, Food Safety Manager