Feed Children the Rainbow: Idaho Extension Plans Family Recipe Book


Recipes based on fresh local produce

Joey Peutz and a group of fellow extension educators in Idaho are working on a special project to help parents delight their children in eating a rainbow of fresh produce from local farmers markets.

The farmers market recipe book will provide a month of original, no-cook dishes featuring seasonal produce. Joey is building Fight BAC!® ProducePro into the book and using the Safe Recipe Style Guide to build food safety prompts into the recipe. The Style Guide includes the message to rinse fresh produce under running water.

“I love the resources PFSE provides,” she said. “We’re able to interest people more in food safety when we focus on people’s passion and interest in delicious food at home.”

As a food safety educator in Idaho for more than 20 years, Joey is seeing more interest in home meals, local foods and convenient preparation methods.

For the recipe book, Joey and her colleagues are testing each recipe and preparing photographs of the completed dishes.

The idea for the recipe book came about with a program where Joey and fellow SNAP ED educators worked with a mobile farmers market out of Boise, providing recipes and even preparing dishes with seasonal local produce for families to taste when they visited the mobile.

The excitement of fresh summer produce really comes through in the chosen recipes which include fennel arugula salad, Asian-style cucumbers and a simple crunchy carrot dish.

Eat Smart Idaho does programming in 31 Idaho counties. The group of educators working on the farmers market recipes covers the central south region in Idaho, but Joey thinks the recipe book will be used by many health and nutrition educators in Idaho.

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Joey Peutz is a county extension educator with the University of Idaho extension in Payette County. She is also District Administrator of Eat Smart Idaho and an instructor for Master Food Safety Advisors.