Safe Microwaving

When it comes to Convenience Foods, Cook It Safe

Many Americans’ freezers are stocked with fast, tasty convenience foods.  While the shortest distance between the freezer and the table may be the microwave oven, not all convenience foods can be cooked in the microwave. Challenge yourself to Cook It Safe!

Prevent foodborne illness due to under-cooking frozen or other convenience foods with these four simple tips:

Microwave 1

1. Read and Follow Package Cooking Instructions.

2. Know When to Use a Microwave or Conventional Oven.

3. Know Your Microwave Wattage Before Microwaving Food.

4. Always use a Food Thermometer to Ensure a Safe Internal Temperature.



The Cook It Safe campaign was created in partnership with industry groups and the federal government to provide consumer guidelines on the safe cooking of frozen and ready-to-eat convenience foods.