Food Safety Superstar


What do you do when you have an encounter with a serious foodborne illness? You Fight BAC! ®


Dana Dziadul acquired Salmonella Poona after eating contaminated cantaloupe at the age of three.  She’s developed reactive arthritis as a result of the food poisoning. It affects her life every day.  Dana’s experience with a serious illness inspired her to become a food safety advocate – specifically to help keep children like her seven- year old sister safe from food poisoning.

Dana, now 17,  has released a book titled Food Safety Superstar that turns the four core practices into four core Superpowers every kid (and adult) needs to protect themselves against food poisoning. According to Dana, anyone can gain these superpowers with a little education.

Dana will join the Partnership for Food Safety Education and hundreds of health and food safety educators at the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference 2014. She will be featured in the plenary session, Champions for Consumers: Food Safety Educators in Action.