Jolie Bain Pillsbury PhD, President of Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc.



A performance partnership is a collaboration of high performing individuals or organizations that come together to accelerate their achievements or achieve a greater, more global, long term impact. Key to a strong performance partnership is a sense of urgency to achieve a result, and capable partners who align their actions to have greater impact. The folks who have been committed to food safety education for years certainly meet this definition!

You are highly skilled, effective organizations and individuals who are doing great work in the arena of food safety. Many of you focus on multiple aspect of food safety—policy, standards, education and outreach, etc. A performance partnership will allow you to bring your successful strategies together to achieve a widespread result: reducing incidence of foodborne infections.

I am honored to be doing this work with you. I have the easy job. In collaboration with the Partnership for Food Safety Education, I will facilitate the creation of a strategic action plan and an environment for you to achieve success. Many of you have already given us great insight, feedback, data, and energy. We are well on our way to full blown performance partnership!

At upcoming summits in March and April we will tap into your collective skills and capacity to achieve success and create a “call to action”. The resulting plan will be action-focused and will be rooted in the Theory of Aligned Contributions – which is what happens when leaders bring to the table their commitment to action and their sense of urgency so they can make a measurable impact in a short period of time.

The non-profit PFSE will be “holder” of the plan. They will coordinate implementation of the strategies. They will track and synthesize the data that will tell you if the powerful strategies developed and implemented by you have resulted in people being “better off”.

Development of the action plan will focus on two Healthy People 2020 objectives:

A reduction in infections caused by key pathogens transmitted commonly through food;
An increase in the proportion of consumers who follow key food safety practices.
An effective performance partnership can make these things happen. What an amazing impact to have!

I look forward to working with you to align the work you already do, enhance the collaboration between partners, bring new partners into the work and create new strategies to achieve the result. Thank you in advance for your contributions!

Jolie Bain Pillsbury PhD is President of Sherbrooke Consulting, Inc. and the author of Results Based Facilitation™.