PFSE Staff Spoils BAC’s Summer Plans


Community event prepares a squad of junior BAC Fighters for summer

Ashley Kids Fight BAC Puppet Resized_b5170f439bb44da9f6d4d8a91fd66a98

“Do you know what a germ is?”

That’s what we asked kids when they approached the Partnership for Food Safety Education’s table at the Koshland Science Museum on May 10th, 2014. In “kidspeak” there is no standard definition for germ, but we were still impressed with their answers:

“Something that makes you sick!”

“It makes you throw up!”

“You can stay home from school!”

It was clear that they got the basic concept – germs can make you sick!

What they weren’t so clear on is how a germ can get into your body and make you sick. That’s where we stepped in to explain the basics of hand hygiene and safe food handling.

We showed them just how germy their hands were with a GloGerm demonstration and taught them the basics of clean, separate, cook, and chill using the BAC Drop Spring Story Contest and Perfect Picnic for iOS.

The kids were amazed at the ways a little germ they can’t see, smell, or taste might make sick. They left the event ready (and excited) to Fight BAC! with materials we gave them!


– Ashley Bell, Your B.F.F. (BAC Fighter Friend)