Franken BAC at Frys Food & Drug Stores (A Kroger Co.)

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Franken BAC Cover Photo_ab870ab2d8141bf1eca3660e0921a2a7

Back in October, the Partnership for Food Safety Education hosted a contest called Franken BAC’s Monster Mash. It was designed to teach kids to fight off microscopic monsters (pathogens) that could be in their food and make them sick. 

We were delighted to find out that 119 Frys Food & Drug Stores used the contest to reach 59,000 kids!


We caught up with Norman Barnett, a Food Safety Specialist at Frys Food & Drug Stores to find out more. It turns out, many of the stores had creative ideas on how to add even more fall fun to the contest. They hosted Halloween fun events, set up coloring tables, and even had caramel apple dipping!

We thank Norman and these retail BAC Fighters for reaching so many kids with food poisoning prevention messages!