Why Attend the Consumer Food Safety Education Conference?


Food Safety Specialist Judy Harrison Says It’s a Conference Like No Other

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This is a conference like no other because it specifically targets food safety educators!  I have attended every one of these conferences since the 2002 conference in Orlando.  The conference is a great way to meet and network with food safety educators nationwide, to learn about trends and issues in food safety, to get information about what other educators are doing in their programs and to get ideas about the direction we need to go in with food safety education.

As a food safety specialist with Cooperative Extension, I always enjoy seeing what other states are doing in food safety education for consumers.  The conference is a great venue for sharing strategies and programs that work.  It also offers professional development opportunities for those who present their work.  The conference is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of food safety education.  I look forward to this year’s conference!

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Dr. Judy A. Harrison is Professor of Foods and Nutrition and an Extension Foods Specialist at the University of Georgia.  Dr. Harrison currently serves on the board of The Partnership for Food Safety Education.