All the boys have been discussing cross-contamination and correct preparation techniques. Great job in instruction!”

- Parent at Ocoee Middle School

My dad said that if I told him to wash his hands one more time, he was going to round up all the soap in the house and throw it out the window.”

- Student at Oneida Middle School

This was the coolest thing I’ve ever done in science class! My favorite part was actually getting to work hands-on and not learn it all from a book.”

- Student at William Blount Middle School

My child really learned a lot during these lessons. She was very stimulated by the topics, and really tried to share the knowledge she gained with everyone.”

- Parent at Ocoee Middle School

There seems to be a difference in their habits, especially hand washing and sanitizing. They seem to be more attentive to current events in the news-reading and watching the news.”

- Science teacher at Oneida Middle School

The material we used doing the program has really filtered into a lot of our discussions in all the subjects. The kids remember and bring up topics related to our current studies. And the program has really helped my teaching. I have always wanted to do integrative material and have attempted it somewhat but this experience made me really see the value of it.”

- Teacher at Del Rio Elementary School

I’ve been using this approach for 3 years and am very pleased with what the students learn and more importantly demonstrate throughout the year. Retention of the lesson is very good.”

– Professor at Perdue University

The students had a blast, I heard some saying they felt like real scientists. Thanks for making me a great science teacher this week!”

- Teacher at Decatur Middle School

Hands-on and real life examples made the kids really pay attention. If more kids had [it] in school, there would be less illness.”

- Teacher at Fairview Elementary School

I can’t believe all that stuff was on my hands. I am definitely going to wash my hands more often.”

- Student at Southeastern Randolph Middle School