Kids Store Tour Tools

We are pleased to provide you with a new flyer for families – the new Fight BAC!® Snacker — and with a Store Tour name tag template you can use with student groups when they visit your store!

Print these on a color printer, or take the file to a professional printer. Space is provided on the flyer for you to add your store logo or store name if you wish! Parents visiting your store are sure to appreciate this food safety guidance, and the opportunity to access a new game for their kids!

We wish you many rewarding experiences welcoming school groups and families to your store – and introducing them to the positive, exciting world of food products and food retail!

Thank you for all you do to promote food safety with your customers!

Fight BAC! ® Snacker

fight bac snacker_store_flyer_final

Be sure each student has a copy of the flyer to take home to his or her parents. The flyer gives parents important information about the safeguards your store follows to make sure that foods purchased are safe and wholesome, and additionally gives parents tips for making sure that foods stay safe when they bring them home.

Point out the QR code, which can be used by students and their families to download the Perfect Picnic iPhone/iPad game developed by the Partnership for Food Safety

Store Tour Name Tag


There are two name tags to each sheet. Print the sheet, and cut across the middle horizontally. Fold each name tag in half, hole-punch it, thread a string through the hole, and give to each student to wear around their neck. Ask the kids to write their name on the line before beginning the tour. This will make it easy for store associates to engage children by name, and it will add a special touch to the tour experience for the kids. The name tag includes “take home” food safety messages and a QR code to download the game, Perfect Picnic!