New Recipes to Cure Home Cooking Fatigue


Recipes are quick, delicious and safe — just in time for National Food Safety Education Month!

Just when you’ve run out of ideas for easy and tasty meals at home, the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) has released new safe recipes and the online safe recipes activity for middle school kids learning at home.

The new Safe Recipe Cookbook features 10 recipes unlike those usually found online. These recipes include food safety prompts — and have been tested for deliciousness and for preparation times of 30 minutes or less.

“COVID-19 has us cooking more at home and also more aware of the importance of hand hygiene to our health,” said Shelley Feist, PFSE executive director. “The Partnership for Food Safety Education is proud to provide weeks’ worth of easy recipes that support your family’s overall good health because they include food safety prompts that, when followed, will reduce your risk of foodborne illness.”

The Safe Recipe Cookbook includes 30-minute meals that were entered in a summer contest by health and food safety communicators, food bloggers, and kids who care about food safety. All recipes entered in the contest were built using the Safe Recipe Style Guide.

Other just-released home food safety items available through The Story of Your Dinner include a short video for parents “Your Baby & Food Safety” — available in English and Spanish — activity sheets for kids, and many other resources to help ensure food safety in your kitchen now and throughout the holiday season.

To help home cooks keep their families healthy this fall, PFSE offers important food safety reminders:

1. Recent research from the USDA shows 97 percent of people fail to properly wash their hands when preparing a meal. This means with soap and water! Before cooking and after handling raw ingredients (such as meat, poultry, eggs and flour), wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

2. Rinsing raw poultry (or any raw meat) is not a safety step! Rinsing your chicken or turkey can spread harmful bacteria around your sink, countertops and onto your hands.

3. Always use a food thermometer to ensure meat, poultry and other foods have reached a safe internal temperature. Print this temperature chart to keep handy in your kitchen.

Here are all of the fun food safety and meal preparation resources (in English and Spanish) from

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