The Poo Fighters Rock Food Safety Training in Minnesota


Great! Unique way to present info!

Fun and kept my attention for the whole time!

Very entertaining as well as informational.

I teach food safety/cooking classes at the center for independent living and this will be very helpful. 

These raves were for the Minnesota Departpoo fighter brochure coverment of Health’s Poo Fighters 2015 food safety multi-state sold-out “tour”.

The department’s Sarah Leach used the clever Poo Fighters Band Tour theme to weave together training modules for instructors of certified food manager courses:

*The Band – human and economic burden, pathogen biology, symptoms, treatment

* Event Staff – foodborne illness risk factors, person in charge/certified food manager  roles

* Poo Fighters Diarrhea & Vomit Tour – foodborne illness hotline, number of outbreaks

* Classic Hits – historic or well-known outbreaks

* New Releases – recent outbreaks

* Summary, Q & A – review and extend learning, self-correct and discuss quiz

Attendees acquired resources and skills for educating colleagues and the public on the topics of foodborne illness reporting and investigation in Minnesota. Sessions improved knowledge of foodborne illness and dispelled myths about transmission. The presentations used real-life examples from familiar settings to bring scientific facts and regulatory requirements to life.

Sarah LeachSarah Leach is the creator and “band” promoter of the “Poo Fighters” Tour. She is also a Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian, and the Principal State Food Manager Certification Program Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Health. Want to learn more about doing a band tour in your community? Contact Sarah at