Shoppers Break for Food Safety at the Micronesia Mall


Shoppers took food safety knowledge home along with purchases

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Food safety was probably not on shoppers’ minds when they entered the Micronesia Mall in Guam last September. But they certainly left with it thanks to BAC Fighters from the Preventive Medicine Department of Guam’s United States Naval Hospital.

For Food Safety Education Month, the Guam Department of Public Health and Social Services planned a fair at the Micronesia mall to educate residents about proper food handling and the foodborne illnesses that can result from improper practices. A team of dedicated BAC Fighters was on site to educate residents with a popular interactive booth.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Richelle Magalhaes and Hospital Corpsmen Mounts, Felan, Josephbrooks, and Stege set up booths to interact with kids and adults. Adults chose from informative pamphlets, booklets, and magnets while the kids had fun with food safety coloring sheets.

The shoppers of Micronesia Mall didn’t mind taking a break from shopping to stop by and learn about food safety!

And we’re certainly glad they did! Thank you LTJG Richelle Magalhaes and team for planning the exhibit.