Ventura County Environmental Health Greets Residents with Food Safety Every September


Every year in September the Ventura County (CA) Environmental Health Division sets up a food safety display in the lobby of the County Government Center Building. The lobby is often bustling with county residents.

This year the display featured the English and Spanish versions of the two-minute “Story of Your Dinner” video.

Residents could also pick up pamphlets from the department along with handouts from the Partnership for Food Safety Education, including the Food Safety Tips flyer and activity sheets for school-aged children.  The Four Core Practices – Clean, Separate, Cool, Chill – are an important part of the display every year.

“The Ventura County Environmental Health Division appreciates partnering with PFSE in the education of our county residents,” said Susan Seiler.

The goals of this annual display are public outreach and education about the importance of food safety and following the Four Core Practices at home and at work.

Susan Seiler is an environmental health specialist with the Ventura County Environmental Health Division. She can be reached at (805) 648-9245 or