Don’t Wing It BAC Fighters

Recent research observed consumers as they purchased and then brought home raw poultry products. At the store and at home, consumers demonstrated behaviors that could lead to cross-contamination of germs from raw poultry.  Based on this research, BAC Fighters are urged to work with consumers on Don’t Touch and Check Temp for safe poultry handling. Target audiences for Don’t Wing It are parents of young children, and older adults. We’ve created many free tools for reaching these important audiences. Don’t Wing It makes it easy for you to build safe poultry handling into your consumer outreach programming! Remember to follow and retweet @Fight_BAC for reminders about why the safe handling of raw poultry is so important to good health.


Want more science behind Don’t Wing It?  Download these research 1-pagers

* Don’t Wing it is based on research supported by USDA/NIFA through Grant No. 2012-68003-19606, entitled “Development and evaluation of science-based messages to improve consumers’ storage handling and preparation of poultry and poultry products.” This project was conducted by Tennessee State University, Kansas State University, and RTI International, Dr. Sandria Godwin, Director.