Organizations unite for interactive World Health Day event


The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) and the United Nations Foundation educated people about important food safety issues with their World Health Day #FoodSafety+Social Good webcast. The interactive event allowed people to ask questions and get answers on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #FoodSafety and #SocialGood.

The goal of the event was to engage a new audience around the world in dialogue about food safety. What amazing work to engage people online for World Health Day!


Personal stories motivate farm workers to follow food safety rules


The California Leafy Green Handler Marketing Board (LGMA)  brings farmers together to ensure the safety of leafy greens.

The organization recently released both a new food safety training program for workers throughout the California leafy greens farming community and a new video project designed to communicate how important proper training can be to producing safe food.

The video was produced as a joint effort between the LGMA and STOP Foodborne Illness as a training tool. It uses the stories of people affectedby foodborne illness as motivation for workers to always practice proper food handling and is currently being used as part of the LGMA Tech training workshops.

You can check out the training video here:


California Cantaloupe Advisory Board supports consumer safe handling of cantaloupes


California cantaloupe farmers want consumers to be confident about the safety of their product.

The California Cantaloupe Advisory Board (CCAB) developed a website that uses fun and informative consumer-friendly graphics, step-by-step instructions, and how-to videos to educate consumers on proper procedures to safely handle, prepare, and store cantaloupes at home. The CCAB utilizes social media channels to communicate this information and lead people to its website for more information.

In addition to science-based food safety practices, farmers have conducted research on the best way to store and prepare cantaloupes in the home.

Here are helpful cantaloupe resources from  the California Cantaloupe Advisory Board:


Wash your paws, Georgia!


World food safety starts at the local level! Ines Beltran, a Family and Consumer Sciences Agent with the University of Georgia Extension Service, does her part for food safety by teaching people about the importance of hand washing.

Ines teaches residents of Gwinnett County, GA about the importance of hand washing by using the poster, Wash Your Paws, Georgia, created by Judy Harrison, UGA Extension Food Safety Specialist. Ines has distributed 420 posters in public libraries, schools, childcares, senior centers, parks and recreations facilities, and community organizations. She’s also delivered info about hand washing during food preparation to 106 parents and senior citizens.

Thank you, Ines for focusing on Georgia to achieve world health!