Lisa’s Table Is All About Safe Dinners

Meet Lisa Lisa is a dedicated BAC Fighter who is passionate about keeping her community safe. She is an Extension Agent at Michigan State University, and she regularly uses Fight BAC resources in her curriculum. Lisa values raising awareness around safe food handling practices….

Cut Food Waste and Maintain Food Safety at Home

(This blog post was developed from a Knowledge Exchange event sponsored by the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education on Jan. 16, 2018. Access a recording of the 30-minute event.) Reducing the risk of foodborne illness for consumers is the primary focus of the…

Football season food safety tips

Have a winning tailgate An Interview with BAC: How Much He Loves Super Bowl Parties  

Food Safety Education Month 2019

Fighting BAC! in the Philippines

In the spring of 2016, BAC! Fighter Marie Josephine Paredes-Umali of Valencia, California presented Fight BAC! food safety lectures in the Philippines.  She found an audience thirsty for this information and learned that there were few readily available food safety training resources. Invitation to…

BAC Fighters “Wowed” by Consumer Food Safety Conference

Whether you attended in person, watched the live broadcast, or kept tabs on Twitter from work, BAC Fighters are reporting that CFSEC2107 is having a big effect on their work. There was an excellent variety of sectors represented; BAC Fighters from academia, the corporate…

These BAC Fighters Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!

Elisa Shackelton, Extension Specialist, Colorado State University and Carla Opp, Workforce Development and Quality Improvement Coordinator- Jefferson Public Health use the resources on to spread the word about food safety to their communities in different ways. Elisa finds that researched-based resources are…

The Story of Your Dinner

mother cooking with daughter

Download free recipes, food safety and kids’ activity sheets to support home cooks in getting a safe meal on the dinner table this holiday season.

BAC Fighters — The Story of Your Dinner

Top 10 Home Food Safety Myths and Facts

Over the past eight years, the Partnership for Food Safety Education has debunked commonly-held food safety myths. This year, we are taking a look back at some of the most popular of these food safety myths and the facts that disprove them. Take a…