Lisa’s Table Is All About Safe Dinners

Meet Lisa Lisa is a dedicated BAC Fighter who is passionate about keeping her community safe. She is an Extension Agent at Michigan State University, and she regularly uses Fight BAC resources in her curriculum. Lisa values raising awareness around safe food handling practices….


Cathy John, a certified food safety professional with Keeping Food Safe, Inc., is very active in her New Jersey community, offering food safety training and consulting services. Cathy hosted a presentation at the James F. McGuire Memorial Senior Citizen Center in Northvale to promote…

Don’t Wing It

Practice safe poultry handling at the store and at home. A few simple Do’s and Don’ts on Touch and Temp will help you reduce the risk of illness from common germs.

BAC Fighters — The Story of Your Dinner

Consumers — The Story of Your Dinner

Top 10 Home Food Safety Myths and Facts

Over the past eight years, the Partnership for Food Safety Education has debunked commonly-held food safety myths. This year, we are taking a look back at some of the most popular of these food safety myths and the facts that disprove them. Take a…

From Low-Riding to High-Achieving “Jeremy”— A Food Safety Success Story

BAC Fighter Jean Bridges of Memphis sent us this inspiring story of her employee, “Jeremy.” In June of 2014, her organization started its’ USDA Summer Food Service Program, serving a free nutritious lunch and snack to more than 2,000 kids a day. They needed…

The Poo Fighters Rock Food Safety Training in Minnesota

Great! Unique way to present info! Fun and kept my attention for the whole time! Very entertaining as well as informational. I teach food safety/cooking classes at the center for independent living and this will be very helpful.  These raves were for the Minnesota…

Go 40 or Below

For more campaign resources, please visit the sections below:   Check it out! In this 30 second video, food safety expert Dr. Robert Gravani of Cornell University talks about one of the most effective ways that consumers can reduce their risk of foodborne illness….

Culinary Arts Students Make Food Safety Visit to Elementary School

Culinary Arts students at the Caldwell County Area Technology Center in Kentucky brought valuable food safety messages to younger kids at Caldwell County Elementary and Primary Schools. In just a few days, kids learned all about handwashing, food temperatures and the “Danger Zone”, kitchen safety,…